4 Top Brow Trend Tips

by Customer Care

Eyebrows are one of the most popular trends in the beauty industry and there’s a good reason why.

When done properly and perfected, eyebrows can make your face look symmetrical and add definition to your features. Full, defined, sharp and well-groomed brows are the most requested brow trend for 2019.

So, we asked none other than our very own brow expert, Lauren Lister, about her favourite brow tips for 2019.


“It’s all about clean edges, accentuated arches and tapered tails. Well sculpted brows will work to lift, frame and contour your client’s facial features! It’s important to get your technique on point!

Yes, there are many ways to craft a brow, however, less is more in my book. So, here’s my no fail way to gorgeous brows.”


#1 / Tint Application.

Apply tint with an ombre-like effect, lighter in the front and darker toward the tail. This simple tip keeps even the most defined brows looking natural.


#2 / Taper your tail.

The end of the brow should always appear to taper into a neat point. This ensures your client’s brows look well-shaped and maximises the lifting effect of the brow!


#3 / Define and highlight your edges.

Defining the edges of the brow after you’ve shaped it makes the brow look clean and crisp! Pointed tweezers help to achieve a perfect sharp line.


#4 / Brighten and widen.

As a final step, I like to brighten and widen the eye area by applying a matte highlight to the brow bone, just underneath the arch of the brow. I like to use a multi-purpose eyebrow and concealer pencil.  Be sure to blend in well with your preferred tool. To keep things hygienic and simple, I suggest a disposable cotton tip.

Looking to achieve exceptional brows? Try a few of these Barneys Brow Tips below!

Wax Pro Tip – Try the Barneys Brow Radiance 2-in-1 Film Bead Wax for exceptional removal of all hair.  You’re able to sculpt the brows to perfection so easily and effectively. Take a look >

Brow Tech Tip – Try applying your wax with a Cuticle pusher – The slanted edge helps spread the wax nice and close creating less need to tweeze. Check it out >  

Tint tip – Give Mixing your tints and Henna a go … you are able to ash down a colour or warm up a shade by blending Tints/Henna. Ensure you apply the tint evenly throughout the brow to achieve even skin stain and shade.

Retail tip – If your helping your client grow out their brows evenly in certain areas, don’t forget these retail goodies. BOLD BROWS will help your client stimulate natural hair growth in sparse brow patches within weeks, thus helping henna or tint last longer than just a skin stain. Take a look here > 

Send in your Brow tips to customercare@barneyssalonsupplies.com.au so we can share with our readers or sign up to the Barneys Brow Workshops today!

Lauren Lister is an expert trainer at Barneys Salon Supplies, as well as a successful salon owner. Lauren is passionate about all things brows and has extensive experience in brow shaping, henna application and brow design. Lauren has also been a trainer at two of the major wax companies in Australia, but it’s her techniques that set her apart from the rest.


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