Barneys Top 4 Massage & Essential Oils

by Customer Care

Massage is certainly a key treatment to a holistic wellness regime.

Massage and essential oils play an important role in the overall effectiveness of the massage, hand in hand with technique of course.

Whether it be the traditional Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue, Reflexology or Sports Massage, the right blend of technique and lotion or oil, makes all the difference.

Here at Barneys, we strongly believe in matching the right blend of oils to complement the treatment, mood and motion applied. So, here are our top 4 oils from 2 renowned brands within the massage industry and top sellers here at Barneys.

1. Almond Oil by Caronlab – Ideal for Swedish Massage Treatments

Derived from natural sweet almonds, Almond Oil is very popular among massage therapists. Why?

Its consistency allows an easy glide across the skin absorbing easily, yet not so quickly as to demand constant reapplication. For those not allergic to nuts, this oil generally does not irritate the skin, and instead leaves the skin moisturised, soft and smooth.

Use Almond Oil to complement the traditional Swedish Massage or add to a facial treatment for extra hydration. It is traditionally a non-greasy formula that aids in nourishing skin with its highly nutritious proteins and minerals.

Our favourite is non-other than Caronlab’s Hydro2Oil Sweet Almond. Have you tried it?

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2. Muscle and Joint by Caronlab – Ideal for Sports Massage and Muscle Therapy

Plant-based massage Oils are highly regarded as the perfect aid when treating tired, sore and tight muscles. That’s why we love this beauty by Caronlab!

Its blend of essential oils derived from carefully selected plants, is equally effective when penetrating the skin and muscle to aid in relief of muscular or arthritic pain.

This blend contains Wintergreen, which is commonly used for its soothing properties to treat painful conditions of the body. When in contact with skin, the oils of the Wintergreen plant generate a warming effect, perfect in penetrating the muscles and aiding in faster relief.

Equally as beneficial is its Rosemary Oil extract, traditionally known to improve circulation in the body and boost immunity amongst the many other valuable properties for overall well-being.

Featuring even more beneficial essential oils, this is certainly a must for your sport or muscle massage treatments.
3. SOE Bio Key-netic Oil – Comfort Ideal for a relaxation massage
If you want to venture into the science behind a unique massage, then you must explore the Bio Key-netic range.
Be careful not to mistake this as an actual massage oil yet think of this as more of an application and treatment enhancer during the massage treatment.
This beauty has been designed to target stress levels, calm the nervous system and produce positive moods whilst enhancing the effects of the massage therapy.
Massage as you would based on client ailments and needs, then apply drops to the 5 key areas of the body. By applying specifically to the centre breastbone, body centre, wrists and between the ankles, its properties travel along the energetic pathways of the body for targeted relief.
4. SOE Bio Key-netic Oil – Energy – Ideal for an invigorating massage
Many clients opt in for a massage to soothe the body, ease away tension and stress, wanting to leave feeling calm and relaxed. However, with so many negative influences in today’s world, many are seeking treatments that also stimulate an equally uplifting and motivating result.
Every massage we perform has an important role in lifting negative moods, mental and physical exhaustion. This Energy Oil from SEO Bio-Keynetics not only aids in physical ailments such as headaches, fatigue, muscle tension and more, it also aids in emotional well-being including mental exhaustion, lethargy and even concentration.
Imagine an oil that uplifts the mind, body and spirit! Imagine your client’s new lease on life as they leave your treatment room with newfound optimism and motivation! You must explore this massage enhancer! It’s the perfect addition to your massage oils and massage menu upsell.

Don’t forget – Scents that stimulate: Remember, setting the mood in the massage room is important. Whilst enhancing your treatment with oils and mixers, heightening one’s sense of smell has just as much impact. Smells have the power to evoke feelings and drive behaviour on both a subconscious level and upon an instinctive one. Explore a complementary range of oils to enhance your preferred selection of massage oils and blends.  Don’t leave these to chance, make sure you offer your client a range of oils to diffuse that enhance your treatment and chosen massage oils. Often, your client will want to take the scented mood enhancer home with them, so think retail with these also. Our pick: The NOW range of essential oils. There is a scent to enhance every mood on your massage menu!


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