DON’T BARE ALL – Latest Wax Trends

by Customer Care

And so be it! The latest trend downstairs calls for a little landscaping downstairs!

It’s time to get your salon tools ready and it’s time to get your sculpting on!

Hair downstairs is on the popularity scale this year, with custom shapes taking the stage. Which means there’s a lot more maintenance
that needs to take place. As the waxing therapist, it’s a great idea to provide post care tips, or even stock care products, so your
design is maintained and looking sharp until the client’s next visit.

Here’s what’s trending:


The traditional landing strip or “French Wax” is a stock-standard shape. Easy to perform and easy to maintain.
This method involves the removal of
hair from the sides and top front, leaving the back and labia area El-natural.


Add a little love and a little fun with a classic heart. Whilst the shape looks great, as the caring therapist, be sure to provide after care for your client,
more so in this case. With more complicated shapes, waxing is happening in all sorts of directions, making ingrown hairs more prone.
Our little fav after care is Caronlab’s Bump eRaiser range. Check it out >  


Don’t worry, nothing’s getting lost down there with this style, except unwanted hair!

A great option removing hair from underneath and around the back, whilst keeping a perfectly waxed triangle on top for that
something in between. You can also suggest the mini triangle style when your client returns for their next visit, just for something a little more daring.


There are many references to wax shaping, and a lot of women are confused by all the waxing jargon and what the actual style is.
Be sure to run over a few basic styles and confirm what your client is after and the best way to care for the style.

Barneys tip: Create a bikini waxing menu with a description for clarification and the avoidance of embarrassment for both of you.

Barneys favourite tools: Mini Wax Strips will provide great shaping control for more detailed shapes. Shop Now >


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