Simplifying the facial treatment with the Voesh Modeling Mask – Blog product Review

by Customer Care

If you think Korean beauty trends are on the quiet, think again!


Not only are they becoming part of the beauty routine when it comes to self-care, they are proving the perfect buddy on any salon menu!


Rejuvenate skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles with the beauty of collagen.


The Voesh Modelling mask is competively priced, and the results exceed expectations. To add, the Voesh range of instant facial masks simplifies facials, adds to your salon profibility and saves time! Too good to be true?


Let’s explore what a Voesh facial looks like:

Brighten, tighten, detox or nourish. Whatever your client fancies, it’s all done in 6 easy steps.

1.     Cleanse & Tone:

Wipe away impurities. Of course we recommend Barneys Facial Wipes as they are soft feeling and highly absorbent, or use your preferred option.

2.     Stir & Mix:

Empty the sachets clearly labelled Step 1 Modelling Gel and Step 2 Collagen Powder into your mixing bowl and stir for 30 secs with your spatula.

3.     Apply the magic:

Apply the mask with your mask brush to cover the face immediately.

4.     Shimmer time!

Leave on the face for 20-30 minutes. This is a great opportunity to offer add-ons for your customer while they are waiting. How about a hand or foot moisturising treatment using the Voesh Deluxe Collagen Gloves or the Voesh Deluxe Collagen Socks.

Click here to explore some other ideas for value add-ons.

5.     Peel & reveal:

Remove the mask slowly in an upward motion in one clean piece. No rinsing required. However, if you want to ensure no residue, use a Barneys Cotton Round to capture any possible leave behinds.

6.     Glow on!

Follow with your favourite salon moisturiser or serum and there you have it!

Easy, convenient and cost effective!

What would the above cost you?

Voesh Facial Masks Pack of 10 = $99.95. That’s $9.95 each
You can retail the Voesh Collagen Facial Treatment for $29.95 each or more.

Plus use only what you need. There is no wastage on opening bulk bottles for 1 treatment, stale products, product waste… need we go on?

Our motto is about making your salon life easier, and you can’t get any easier than this facial service!

If you want the entire package, here is what you need to add to your Barneys online cart:

Voesh Facial Modeling Mask – Gold – Box of 10 Sets

Voesh Facial Modeling Mask – Pearl – Box of 10 Sets

Voesh Facial Modeling Mask – Activated Charcoal – Box of 10 Sets

Facial Tools as mentioned all available at Barneys:

Barneys Facial Mask Brush

Barneys Flexible Bowl for Masks

Barneys Disposable Facial Wipes


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