Barneys Salon Facial Favs

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Popular Facial Treatments for your salon menu

It’s facial season! So, here’s Barneys Top 5 Facial Favs

Let’s face it, many of us don’t want to age. Especially our clients! And that’s nothing to be ashamed about! Whether it’s a natural approach or a more evasive treatment your client is after, be sure to offer a range of services on your salon menu.

If you are wondering what to offer or looking to change up your spa services with a little something different, then look at Barneys Top 5 Facial Favs this July.

  • Gold Facial
  • Chemical Peels
  • LED Facial
  • Venus Swan
  • Derma Pen
  • Skin resurfacing


We begin with an easy to use, simple step collagen-based treatment mask. Not all clients have considered technology, so be sure to have these simple and easy to apply treatments on your facial menu.

Plus, who doesn’t want to be covered in gold? Well we do! And, there are more benefits to a Gold Facial than the sparkle!

Each gold facial will differ however the actual properties of the gold are known to accelerate elastin production and cell regeneration for a visible firm appearance. The antioxidants and metal properties within the gold, is said to protect against free radicals such as sun damage and daily pollutants which contribute to anti-aging.

If it’s good enough for Cleopatra, then it’s good enough for your clients. Yes, this is one of the more indulgent facial treatments, yet a great one to push on those Hallmark days! Our sneaky recommendation is the Voesh Collagen Facial Mask in 24K Gold. In just 6 easy steps, you will unveil a glowing and dewy face, plus it’s a low price point to any facial treatment and its non-invasive.


Another non-invasive facial treatment that peels away dry, dull skin debris for instantly smoother looking skin. This is a pure facial treatment and can cover the face and neck and is a medium cost treatment.

This method is used to resurface the skin and promote regeneration of the skin cells. There are homecare and professional peels, and low active, medium active and high active chemical peels.

Low peels will only treat the outermost layer of the skin and acts like a gentle exfoliant. Medium and deep peels penetrate deeper to the middle layer of the skin cell, as well as the outer layer and acts as a more aggressive exfoliant.

Generally, a professional chemical peel is performed in a series of applications over the course of a few weeks. Approaching this style of facial over time, minimise the downtime of skin recovery, and promotes the rejuvenation of better skin.

A chemical peel is ideal in treating clients with fine lines and wrinkles, acne scare, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones.

We suggest arming your client with a little in-between home care treatment pack or quality cleansing consumables to ensure treatable skin upon treatment return. Try Barneys Facial Wipes for a simple, gentle and effective skin cleanse on a daily basis.

For therapists looking to venture into technology with their facial treatments and service menu, then the next 4 are our favourites. Each approach combats different needs for clients, facial and other skin issues. So, be sure to understand each treatment carefully prior to venturing into this area of facial treatments.


Colour Light Therapy, better known as an LED facial, is a popular treatment known to instantly revitalise the face, improve complexion and reduce the obvious signs of ageing. The wavelengths omitted by the light energy stimulates blood flow, penetrate deep into the cells to entice the collagen and elastin properties of the skin, to bounce back.

This is a pain-free and popular facial treatment for healing acne and reversing the obvious signs of ageing.

Preparation for any facial is imperative for an effective result. So, be sure to prepare skin thoroughly prior to treatment application, with an effective facial wipe and an appropriate cleanser minus the residue.


A great option for those looking to venture into a more professional and clinical treatment-style service when it comes to facials and beauty in general. You can use this treatment beyond the face, and across many parts of the body.

The Venus Swan treatment is pain-free and designed to treat wrinkles, tighten skin and contour facial features all without surgical procedures.

This non-invasive technology uses radio frequency and pulsating magnetic fields to achieve its result. This method penetrates the skin with an even heat to contract and tone muscles with its dense energy dispersion for immediate results.

Ideal for clients who are seeking to fill out the face, define their contours and soften the visible appearance of wrinkles.

This treatment does require the use of Glycerine and Imaging Gel.


Albeit this treatment may appear to be an unattractive process, it is designed to encourage natural healing of the skin, releasing new collagen production. The Derma Pen treatment or also known as needling, is a small pen-like device that works by creating micro-injuries to the epidermis and dermic of the skin.

Its pinpoint precision aids in active ingredients to absorb more quickly into skin cells, resulting in noticeable results after just a single session. A great anti-ageing facial treatment for any client!

This treatment is also ideal for clients experiencing skin problems from pigmentation, scaring to burns and even stretch marks. The overall effect produces rejuvenated and glowing results by igniting natural stimulation of collagen.

This service does, however, require the use of sterile consumables to protect clients from infection. So, make sure you have your checklist ready to include:


The treatment of skin resurfacing is used to help combat ageing and existing damage to the skin and is also known as laser peeling or lasabrasion.

This method uses a laser to treat skin tissue at the surface-level and stimulate new collagen growth. Designed to improve overall skin texture and diminish fine lines, wrinkles and existing scars. The laser beams shoot short yet direct beams of light to skin with irregular properties and existing damage.

This treatment is ideal for those who want to concentrate on reducing wrinkles, blemishes and acne scars and is not idea for use on stretch marks, those with acne problems or those with dark skin.

Great for clients looking to specifically combat wrinkles around the mouth or eyes, those with light scaring or post facelift issues.

Remember this is border-line surgical treatment and must be performed by a trained beauty therapist. You will also need to ensure you have a take home treatment guide at the ready, as your client may experience swelling and may need to apply ointment or post laser treatment gels.

Our little must haves for your skin resurfacing treatment includes:


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