Innovative Pedi’s for your Salon

by Barneys

Promoting your Pedi service or turning it into regular regime for your clients, is relatively simple. To stand out from your competition, is when you need to introduce something a little different.

Keeping in mind the aim is to generate profit and not add too much extra in product costs. The other side to this is generating enough awareness and to peak interest in salon and even to passers-by.

So, who, what, why? That’s where Barneys come in as your supplier of amazing little wonders. If you haven’t yet discovered our unique and easy to use Pedi’s from Voesh New York, then we suggest you explore what’s on offer.

Why, you ask?

1) Offering Pedi’s that suit your clients’ specific needs.

Every client will have different ailments, different needs and moods. Let’s add the fact many clients are on some form of time restraints and would value the same benefits from a Pedi with ease. Voesh offers this. In fact, the Voesh menu consists of over 13 different flavours that offer different benefits.

The benefit of offering your client a Pedi menu which aids in their overall well-being, is a great way to offer choice and ongoing service with the interest in trying something new next time they visit, or even prompt more Pedi bookings that relieve their needs.

With Voesh you can offer a detox Pedi, a Pedi which increases circulation, a Pedi that washes away toxins or renews skin. The list goes on, and certainly something to explore.

2) Reduce product waste & increase your bottom line.

Traditionally, it would cost the salon owner a lot in terms of investment to stock varying products. Many of you have all been there discovering out-of-date opened products barely used, or products past their expiry date. Imagine a pre-packaged and perfectly portioned pack for single use. Well, this is exactly what Voesh is all about. Offering variety with the salon needs in mind.

3) Variety, minus the cost.

Purchasing one-off flavours in bulk to save on costs in order to offer something new, only to use once – well there’s a perfectly good example of unnecessary cost to the salon. The reason Barneys sourced Voesh Pedi’s was to help salons expand their offerings whilst increasing salon profits, not to wash them away!

Voesh has strategically designed their Pedi products so you can always offer a fresh and clean service with its single-serve packs. The Pedi packs are easy to use with numbered sachets for your therapist to perform an efficient service. Not only this, you know your exact cost per service, your exact product needs, there’s no wastage and the treatment profits double your Pedi product investment.

The Voesh Pedi-in-a-Box offers aromatherapy Pedi’s, oxygenated Pedi treatment packs, and collagen pedicures, all in easy to use, step-by-step and perfectly portioned sachets.

4-Step Pedi-in-a-Box

5-Step Pedi-in-a-Box

O2 Bubbly Spa Oxygen Pedi

Collagen Socks

4) Extended offerings from Professional to Retail

The entire Pedi range from Voesh, offers something for everyone. You can enjoy the benefits by offering this as a professional service for much of the year and retail these beautiful packages for key promotional periods. These beauties are ideal for Christmas gifts, get well gifts and hallmark days.

5) Salon Support

Having a product such as this is great, yet a product such as Voesh, must be heard! We offer you salon menu’s, product sheets and in-store posters across much of the range. So, promoting this new and exciting menu is one less thing you need to worry about.

In fact, Barneys are putting on a Spring/Summer Beauty Day Sept 23 FREE OF CHARGE. We are covering the Voesh Pedi Range, as well as other beauty services.

This exciting morning explores how you can get your salon ready for the Mani/Pedi season ahead. New products, demo’s and information on how you up-sell and increase revenue during the peak trading times ahead.

Click to explore the details, then you can see first-hand what Voesh is all about.


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