Have you started your plan for Christmas trading?

by Donna Kerkvliet

October is here and I can’t believe I’m going to say it … but it’s only 11 weeks until Christmas!

Hearing the countdown to Christmas makes me anxious and it still surprises me how quickly it comes around each year.  Then the big question looms overhead… have I done everything in my power to make this the best Christmas for my business?

A great Christmas trading period isn’t something that just happens, it takes planning, hard work and more planning.  And yes, Christmas sneaks up on us and our clients when we lead the busy lifestyles that we do. Therefore, making it easier for both your clients and team members is crucial at this busy time of year.  If your team is prepared, they will have more confidence and time to recommend gift vouchers, gift packs and add-on treatments.

A great tip is to organise a Christmas team meeting to let everyone know about any treatment packages you are offering, gift packs or add-on gifts. This helps the entire team extend that extra customer service when your clients need it the most and adds to extra profits during the peak season.

You could even organise a VIP day or night as another great way for your clients to pre-order their gifts or purchase them. Such an event helps you to walk through and even introduce new treatment packages and ideas and suggest gift vouchers as a gift alternative.

You can help generate excitement within your salon and enhance the vibe by providing client and salon incentives. Suggest subtle queues for your team to use when customers come in to purchase salon gift vouchers. Plus, remember to ensure repeat bookings and profit flow-through by having clients rebook in January and the following months.  Here are some examples, yet there are many variations you could try to keep your clients on repeat and motivate your team:

Client Re-booking incentives for January

Incentive #1

Receive a Bonus Lash Tint with every eyebrow wax in January.

Incentive #2

Unlimited Spray Tans in January for only $…

Incentive #3

Book a facial (Facial treatment name) in January and receive a BONUS Eye Treatment and Collagen Hand Treatment valued at $…

Team incentives - A great idea is to place these up in the staff areas to keep them front of mind!

A: The therapist who has the highest re-booking percentage in December receives a (You can get creative with your incentive).

B: A great team incentive is whomever sells the most gift vouchers in December receives a $ Gift Card to use at their favourite store.

Lastly, create a fresh, bright and festive feel at reception, a bowl filled with individually wrapped Fruit Cake or Christmas Chocolates is lovely to hand out to clients or to those purchasing gift vouchers or gifts.

This is the sweet time of year for our industry… a time where our hard work and forward planning come to fruition, wishing you a successful, profitable and stress-free trading season. x

P.s. If you are in need of great gift ideas then head to our gift ideas page. You can purchase our gift packs and decorate to suit your salon theme or even add a few gift bonuses of your own.


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