Don’t forget about you this Christmas.

by Donna Kerkvliet

It’s here again, that crazy time of the year!

You’ve done your planning, purchased your gift packs, dressed your salon, prepped your team and now it’s full focus on the home stretch…

I remember going to our family Christmas celebrations completely drained.  Everyone looked rested, gorgeous and perfectly polished…except me.  Unkept brows, chipped nail polish and dark circles under my eyes were the norm for me at this time of the year.  Longer trading hours, exhausting days and yes, the world ends on Christmas eve didn’t you know? It’s that mad last-minute rush where clients had to have their eyebrow waxed, a spray tan or facial before Christmas WITHOUT PRE-BOOKING!  Every year, it was the same – some things don’t change, I guess.


Remember to look after yourself and your team during this super busy time. I realise and understand first-hand how difficult this can be, so here are a few ideas on some of the things I used to do to help me and my team through this stressful and busy time!

  • Keep yourself & your team fuelled: A bowl of fruit, especially grapes, berries or apples that can be easily eaten on the run, and/or lollies and chocolates are all great to have in the kitchen or staff room as they can be eaten quickly and helps keep everyone’s sugar levels up. A platter of sandwiches for the team especially during the last couple of weeks during Christmas is appreciated and helps with team morale.  Roast chicken and salad sandwiches are always a great hit or if you’re busy a pizza delivery always works.  The last week before Christmas is huge, no doubt you have squeezed, pushed and squeezed again to get clients in making lunch breaks shrink or split.  Having lunch or snacks available for therapists will help your team through this busy time and keep them smiling.


  • A happy client makes for a happy workplace: Don’t forget your clients also, they are also under pressure, a jug of cold iced tea or other flavoured water as well as some little treats will be noticed and welcomed (remember it’s always the little things that clients remember). Flavoured iced tea bags have really come along way, low calories, delicious and moreish, they are an easy way to dress up plain water!  Fruitcake, chocolates or shortbread are great to offer your clients, it adds to the festive spirit also!  Stores like Coles, Woolworths, & Kmart have great little Christmas treats that you can decant onto a pretty platter or bowl. They look completely different when you add your little touch to them.


Despite the hard work and exhaustion, December was still my favourite time of year, maybe endorphins kicked in, maybe it was the Christmas spirit, all I know is I loved it.

Wishing you and your team an amazing end to the year.

Happy Christmas trading x


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