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Now is the perfect opportunity to help your client’s get their minds onto something of a happier nature. Everyone is in need of a little pampering right now, especially Mother’s!

Mother’s Day is almost upon us, and we need to think online, and we need to think retail.

In this blog, we explore the products that can help your client’s with great self-care ideas for Mum. We have selected a few things to help you package some gift ideas or simply upload to your website and get promoting! Afterall, your customer’s will most likely want to make Mother’s Day even more special this year. So, if you haven’t started thinking about your online offers, here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Facial Care Retail Ideas

Without our beauty therapists many of us feel lost! We can hardly imagine what many of our beauty clients are feeling. Our clients are certainly looking for guidance to maintain their beauty regime, keep themselves looking fresh and hydrated. It’s time to get creative and package a few facial packs to support your in-service salon menus. Think cleanse and reveal packs, think hydrate and revitalise packs, the ideas are endless!

We have our favourite and most sought-after product in stock, and the perfect tool for the perfect cleansing regime or gift pack! If you haven’t been introduced to Barneys Disposable Facial Wipes now’s the time.

We all know how many nasties facial sponges can carry. They tend to harbour bacteria we would rather not reapply, only to defeat the purpose of a good facial cleanse! Then there are our trusty face washers. For the face the texture can actually be quite harsh and rough on the skin.

These little beauties have been a favourite for many of our clients when it comes to preparing the skin for the perfect facial. Over the past couple of years, more of our clients have begun selling these to their clients as part of their take-home regime. And why not? They are super soft, super absorbent and of the highest quality. Wiping away impurities and leaving skin free of product and looking fresh. They are perfect for removing makeup, facial masks or exfoliants. Yes, we love our facial wipes and certainly is a good one for your retail needs.

Also, a fantastic and popular idea, is the Voesh Collagen Modeling Masks available in Charcoal, Pearl and 24K Gold! Take a look!

For your value we sell in packs of 10, yet these can easily be broken up into individual packs to sell online or as part of your own retail packs.

Mani & Pedi Self-Care Ideas:

Surely half the population have dry hands & feet without you to save them! Think of all that extra housework being stuck at home! Help your clients and their Mum’s turn that around with ease and with so much satisfaction.

AvryBeauty brings you something unique to share with your clients. Plus, these double-up as convenient online gift ideas, easy to use and easy to mail.

The AvryBeauty range offers beautiful products to moisturise and hydrate skin and offers beautiful aromas to move the senses.

Our favourite for your retail needs includes the AvryBeauty Mani and Pedi Kits. Each pack contains everything your client needs to perform their very own mani, including the tools! Allow your clients to easily apply a little love to their self-care and at-home regime and even package up with a few of your salon favourites x

Explore the AvryBeauty range here and decide for yourself!

For those who have seen our range from Voesh, will know just how amazing these products are. Not only are they vegan-friendly and free from nasties, they truly bring a whole new meaning to mani’s and pedi’s!

Voesh New York offers an amazing step-by-step mani & pedi systems & a new body lotion range with flavours to match any moods. These are great, cost-effective do-it-yourself gift ideas for your clients to send to Mum or even pamper themselves on Mother’s Day. Take a look at our menu to discover just how many scents and moods your client can choose from. Explore these little wonders in a pack for your retail menu.

Nail Care at Home

So many ways you can help your client here. And if you haven’t already packaged your self-care nail packs, we are here to help! From gel removal packs to nail file packs, foot paddles and nail colour, we certainly have an array of options for you to retail. These are great products everyone needs, and wonderful products to create your very own nail pamper kits to retail. No one can visit our favourite salon to remove gel polish so make up some retail packs that include mini LED lights, mini basix kits and mini gel polish to keep nails looking good until they can visit you again!

A brand everyone knows when it comes to nail colour, is Morgan Taylor. Your clients can still wear the gorgeous colours to make them feel that little brighter, and help Mum feel brighter too. Morgan Taylor’s Limited Edition Editors Picks 4 Piece Mini Set Up Pack makes retail even easier for you at a great price point.

also offer gel mini light kits and a mini’s range to make retail even easier for you.

Barneys also offer professional nail tools and products so your client can keep their nails in good health and on-point! Our mani brushes, nail file and buffer packs, gel removal packs and foot file kits are just the beginning of great ideas you can use to retail or create your own nail care kit.

Explore what Barneys have on offer and have fun creating those self-care nail packs.

Easy self-care ideas to make Mum’s day a little brighter x

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