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There is nothing more satisfying than a gorgeous and flawless nail service. Except repeat clients of course!

The nail industry is extremely competitive, especially with your express nail bars popping up in every corner. You have to offer every nail fad on option from Gel Polish to Dip Manicures, Negative space designs to mixed mediums.

The key is to create a committed client. And first impressions count. Educating your client on their first engagement with you as to what nail application may be best for them, would set your service apart from others. Think consultations, selection process, pre-care and after care opportunities.

Let’s explore both nail trend options:

Overall, both application services offer a freedom regular polish can’t. The results allow your client to rummage around in their bag with freedom, open tin cans and even a car door with confidence! Why it even allows you as the technician, to enjoy gorgeous nails during service!

Why Dip?

It’s easy to use, feels great on the nail and is a much lighter in application. It is still a form of acrylic yet applies faster and lasts almost double the time of a regular gel polish. The process also omits the use of UV light as part of the drying process.

Like any nail application, it is as safe as simply avoiding the UV light? Well yes, it is, but we do recommend using a variety of tools during application to make it a hygienic experience. First and foremost, use individual dipping jars for each client to avoid cross contamination. Second, use disposables to perform your pre-nail regime and post tidy up, and certainly clean your tools after every service! This is the advantage you will have over those fast-food style nail bars. And word gets around.

However, overtime the dip application can begin to scrape away the natural nail. This is where we highly recommend stocking a natural nail overlay and nourishing oil. An overlay coating before the service not only protects your clients nail yet acts as a buffer layer between the application. This is also a great add-on to your service.

Why Gel Polish?

As a finish, gel polish is much shinier and ads glow to the nail colour. It is also a great base to adorn with nail art.

A soft Gel Polish is less harsh on the natural nail, as the soak off process is fast and easy. There is rarely a need to scrape the colour off. Given this, gel polish like any chemical composition-based application, including dip, will thin the nail overtime. To avoid this, seek to use softer tools during removal process if you need to do so.

Another great up-sell to your gel service, is to offer manicure treatment gloves during the application. Not only can they protect the hands from UV rays during drying, they result in an overall amazing experience! Your clients will indeed feel brand new, confident and most certainly feel the need to flaunt it to the girls!

May your next service be amazing! And if you have any ideas to share with our readers please do!


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