Why should you invest in quality nail tools?

by Customer Care

It’s nail month at Barneys and we have decided to delve into this theme by delivering you a little insight as to what’s on our customer’s lips.


Often, we receive questions and strike up endless conversations about our nail tools and disposables, and why you all love them so much! So, for everyone out there who are eager to understand why our customers woo over our quality nail supplies, here are the reasons why.

Wasted time:

There is nothing worse than time wasted for both you and your client with a less than perfect nail service. Quality tools may very well incur a few extra cents, however, the pros outweigh the cons. Nail tools have evolved to accommodate new trends, hygiene issues and a speedy service.

Be gone lint fluff and the time wasted in picking those little stragglers off the nail! Imagine the convenience of a lint-free nail wipe? That alone is worth every cent invested! And yes, our customers are addicted to our lint-free nails wipes!

As with any trade or service, tools enhance your delivery and end result. No one has time to waste, not you or your client. So, get it right and use the right tool for each stage of your treatment and omit doubt from your service. In the end, you will also save money on product waste and retouching those little flaws


Being on point with your approach is everything! Not only does this save you time, which we just covered, yet precision achieves results that last.

Take your nail file for example. The ultimate goal is to shape the foundation without stressing the nail bed and to reduce the chance of splitting or chipping.  Not only is the angle important when shaping the nail, yet the pressure as you file the nail is equally important. So, if the file is designed properly than it does most of the work for you!

Every tool used when performing a nail service is about precision. And yes, much of this comes from the hours and hours of experience you have accumulated. But don’t tell us your tools don’t deserve equal recognition?

Here at Barneys, we even developed a new professional nail range based on precision! That’s how important it is to our customers and to us as suppliers.


With competition in the nail industry as cut-throat as it is today, your reputation can’t afford to decline. Using quality nail tools will not only streamline your service with accuracy and precision, they will deliver flawless results.

However, your end result isn’t the be-all and end-all. More and more news headlines are delivering horror stories about nail infections contracted from nail bars where hygiene just isn’t on point. Whilst this may be due to the carelessness, regime or lack thereof from the technicians, if you’re not in the habit of disinfecting your tools, then swap to disposables. There are plenty of great quality disposable kits available from your nail supplier. And if you are into your keep-sake tools, invest in quality Stainless Steel nail tools so they are suitable for sterilisation and Autoclave use.


If you need new nail tools, take a look at the Barneys range. We stock Germany’s finest Hardenburg tools, quality disposables by Barneys, Grip and more.

Please also share tools you find deliver great results, we would love to investigate! Happy nail month!


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