How to increase add-ons in your salon

by Customer Care

It’s amazing how much your profits increase with a few add-on suggestions.

Let’s face it, you have different types of clients, those committed and those who come and go based on your salon specials!

It is key that you look to explore any means necessary to provide a great experience and get the word around… Did we mention add to your bottom line? Fun chit chat aside, the best way to make the most of you client opportunities, is to up your add-ons. Consider reviewing what’s on offer on your salon menu, to your point of sale set up.

Let’s look a few ways you can do this.


Product Positioning:

There’s an old saying “Out of sight, out of mind”. So, get your products in line with the eyes of your client, keeping in mind the relationship of the space and environment. Place your products where they make sense. Your mani products should sit in your mani area, your body products on show in your waxing treatment room and so on.

Here’s an idea: Grab a glass fish bowl and fill it with easy grab products and a little message. It’s an oldie but a goodie. We are all guilty of the impulse throw in at the register, especially when we have been enticed throughout the experience!

However, it doesn’t stop here – don’t just place and forget. You need to tell a story with your product, evoke the senses and justify the want or need.

A few examples may include aligning your product on show with current trends or seasonal flow. If the summer rays are approaching, consider a summery in-salon theme. The choices are endless, as are the opportunities to excite the senses and entice a few impulse buys.

Immersive experience:

Here, you can really take your theme to new heights or subtly place your products across your salon experience. First, remove distractions such as TV’s, blaring music and unrelated magazines. Allow your client to use their senses to observe and discover what’s new in your salon, from product information, displays and so on.

Second, have a think about how you can use your product or related elements to create subtle associations throughout the salon, from scented hot towels to infused water, burning candles or related articles opened and inviting the curiosity of your client to learn more. Why not tie this into conversation during treatment if suitable of course.

After all, creating an immersive experience is a subtle way to get the product in the minds of your clients, create familiarity and engagement with the product. All making it an easier way to introduce the sales pitch.


Educating your customers:

Honesty and understanding make the world of difference. A great treatment works wonders, yet an educated treatment builds trust. Trust equals commitment and loyalty to your service and your brand. Before the treatment, explore what is best suited to the client with any alternatives and suggestions, what you will be using and why. The more the client understands the benefits of your treatment and service, the better the relationship with the products and the greater the conversion of the add-on sale.



Who doesn’t love a promotion? The key is not to offer these ongoing, as you run the risk of creating a list of “jumping” clientele, not to mention the damage to the authenticity of a promotion in your salon. Especially when you discount treatments, you begin to devalue the service.

Consider a few of these options:

Package your products in a treatment or service. Use your menu to help build your add-ons. Begin with your basic treatment and use your add-ons to personalise the experience. Not only will your client feel in control, everyone loves a mix and match option.

You may even feature a retail add-on exclusive to this treatment and for a limited time. If this plays out well, you can look to introduce the add-on as a new line and push its popularity post promotion. This is a great way to increase sales and gauge product interest.

Supplier or business collaboration. If you can, this is a great way to promote two businesses in a Buy-One-Get-One-Free scenario. Be sure to keep in line with your product and create a relationship between collaborations and giveaways.


In scope, be sure to communicate any promotions, add-on incentive or tips and tricks to your team. If you are all on the same page, the easier it is to ensure the message flows throughout the salon, and to your client. Try making it a little fun with a friendly staff competition to see who can sell the most add-ons! Be sure to create a great incentive for the staff to get them excited. After all, setting a few KPI’s is a great way to measure your staff motivation and certainly increase the bottom line.


 Have fun!


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