The Jelly Pedicure Trend

by Barneys

The Jelly Pedicure is an invigorating and amazingly beneficial pedicure treatment.

Barneys are super excited to be leading the introduction of the Jelly Pedi direct to salons in conjunction with the well renowned pedi brand, AVRY.

What is a Jelly Pedi?

Exactly as it sounds! A powder solution which instantly begins to form into a fluffy, translucent and soft consistency when added to warm water. For some this may not sound enticing, and for others it’s a comfort treatment come true. It is truly a relaxing and different feel, however, it’s the benefits of the Jelly pedi that really stand out.

The jelly bits are its own heat therapy system and retain heat up to 4x longer, which means a more comfortable and consistent experience for your client.  Each jelly piece also retains more water and carries the beneficial properties and nutrients direct to the skin. So, as the Jelly surrounds your clients’ feet, more moisture is absorbed by the dull and cracked skin to reveal feet that are rejuvenated and soothe. Not to mention you client is receiving extra hydration while nerves and tired muscles are absorbing the benefits.

Plus, the Jelly acts as a gentle exfoliant as you rub into your clients’ skin and feet, it smells gorgeous and adds more glide as you perform your pedi massage!

The Jelly foot spa is truly a unique spa pedicure system designed to deliver deep relaxation with an aroma therapy twist.

We absolutely love this, and as always, the Barneys mission is not only to make your salon life easier, yet to bring you unique services that set your salon menu apart from the rest.

We encourage you to give this a go and head to our website to explore the amazing range of flavours on offer.

Watch the Avry Gel-Ohh! Jelly Pedicure video here


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