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Heat Therapy – Aroma Therapy

No harmful chemicals or preservatives

The Jelly Spa Pedicure by Avry is truly a unique spa pedicure system designed to deliver deep relaxation with an aroma therapy twist. The festive season is the perfect time to introduce this innovative service, giving your salon the opportunity to upgrade your regular pedicure soak to a satisfying jelly pedicure.

Client benefits:  Locks in the heat of warm water longer to relax tense muscles, nerves and promote better circulation!

Salon benefits:  Offering a cost-effective premium service to upsell to your pedicure clients.  A unique spa experience which is indulging and relaxing.

Offer clients the choice of different scents and benefits and tailor the experience to how they are feeling on the day of their pedicure. A great interactive experience is to display 2-3 flavours in a bowl and let them select via touch and scent, create a flavour menu or feature a different pedicure scent every month!

The Gel-Ohh jelly pedicures can be performed in a spa pedicure or pedicure bowl/tub.

Discover the full demonstration on our Jelly Pedicure Trend Blog:

This service is simple to offer; however, we have a great pedi protocol you can offer to create a truly deluxe experience! We have included useful links if you would like to re-create this protocol from start to finish!

Jelly Spa Pedicure – 1 hour, 15mins (Add $5-$10 extra on top for a deluxe pedicure)

  • Step 1: Fill Spa or Bowl with warm water
  • Step 2: Empty sachet Step No 1 Jelly Bath Powder and swirl with the water until a jelly-like consistency forms. If you are using a Spa DO NOT TURN JET OR WHIRLPOOL while the jelly is forming or during the jelly stage.
  • Step 3: Immerse your client’s feet gently into the warm, scented, translucent, fluffy and smooth jelly and let them soak for 15mins. (This time will offer your clients great benefits from the aromatherapy and warmth of the jelly and beneficial ingredients. This first stage also gives them time de-stress and relax!  The Jelly will retain heat up to four times longer than just water and is great for sore muscles and circulation.
  • Offer your clients tea/coffee and refreshments
  • Step 4: After your client has had their feet soaking for 15mins, it’s time to perform a gentle exfoliation on your client’s feet and lower legs using the jelly.

Hint: If your client has rough calluses, use Avry Callus Remover Block – 80/100 Grit

  • Step 5: Place sachet Step No 2 into the bowl or spa and add more water and swirl until jelly disappears and turns back to liquid form
  • Step 6: Unplug spa or discard water and rinse or wipe down client’s feet and legs

Hint: Offer your client further beneficial add-on’s such as Avry Shea Butter Moisturising Socks and/or Gloves  while you perform nail work.

Hint: Perform nail work – cut, file, push back cuticles and trim if needed

Hint: Perform nail work – cut, file, push back cuticles and trim if needed

If your client has opted for the Shea socks, leave on for 10 minutes then remove the socks by turning them inside out and perform a leg and feet massage with remaining cream left on sock.  If performing gel polish, leave the socks on until after painting and then perform massage.

Explore the Avry Gel-Ohh! Jelly pedicure range today!


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