‘Impulse Purchasing is the new Black…” – re-post from Beauty Insight

by Customer Care

Megan Crow is the Founder and Director of Beauty Insight, a consulting agency for salons and spas across Melbourne.

Megan inspires beauty salons, spas and beauty therapists to reach their full potential with useful insights, workshops and resources.

Her consulting techniques, insights and support comes from a sound career in the beauty industry, working for one of the biggest spa brands in Australia.

Read her latest interview with the team at Barneys Salon Supplies on how you can take advantage of the power of impulse buying in your salon!

“Impulse Purchasing is the new black”. How to boost profits by encouraging clients to spend just a little bit more. – Beauty Insight

It goes without saying that all spas and salons need clients to spend money on products to maintain or boost their profitability.

But how?

One area of retail that is often forgotten across the hair & beauty industry is impulse purchasing. We accept and embrace it in other parts of our lives, but most businesses in this industry have never put it into practice? Why?


Everyone knows about the chocolate bars, chewing gum and magazines at supermarket, but have you considered the power of impulse purchases in your spa or salon? Imagine if only 3-4 clients a day spent an extra $10-$15 more. Doesn’t sound like much, but these small amounts quickly add up over the months or year, and can lead to some very healthy cash flow and profits.

… To make things even easier for you, I recently spent a few hours with the fabulous crew at Barneys Salon Supplies and have put together some amazing ideas and offers for all the Beauty Insight Tribe. Not a member / buyer with Barneys yet? It’s super easy to set up an account and they not only stock amazing retail items, but have a HUGE range of professional supplies for day spas, beauty salons, hair dressing salons and even for all you home businesses as well. Their prices are amazing, service outstanding, speedy delivery times and their minimum order value is only $150. AMAZING!

But back to Impulse purchasing … how do we do this? How do we do this really well? …


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