The Benefits of Gift Wrapping

by Donna Kerkvliet

Creating beautiful salon gift vouchers or salon gift packs gives your clients something nice and easy to purchase for their family and friends.  There is nothing better than offering a gift idea that looks fabulous, it shows you took time and care in creating gift ideas for your client’s needs. Plus, this extended effort helps you stand out from your competitors. Take a little time to plan and create and you will reap the rewards.


A great idea is to display gifts with Christmas themed wrapped boxes. This breaks up the display and makes it easy for clients to identify and make easier purchase desicions. A sea of gifts on display can be a little overwhelming and hard to decide on. It’s about making life easier for the client and increasing impulse purchases in your salon. Don’t try to create too many different packs, 5-6 packs is sometimes better than having 20 different gift pack ideas. Not only does a smaller selection make for quick decisions, it helps you stay prepared from a restocking side. We suggest preparing 6 to 12 of each and re-stock as needed.

Think visual. After all at this time of year, visual cues have greater impact. Quickly increase gift orders with a simple sign saying, “We take gift pack or gift voucher orders for business colleagues, staff, friends and family. Collect at a date that suits you.”


With the correct tools it’s easy to create something spectacular. Think gift wrap, tissue paper, gift bags, ribbon or twine and a card. These items are all you’ll need for creating unique gifts this season.  If you have certain colours in your logo incorporate these into the colour palette.

Do as much as possible in advance. For example, pre-make your gift boxes, fill with tissue paper and ribbon, so all you have to do is write the gift voucher. They will act as a quick and easy upsell options and won’t keep anyone waiting.  Add a little extra… a candy cane or Christmas chocolate with gift vouchers and gifts is a nice touch – clients notice the little things.


Gift bags are also great if you sell a lot of retail products. You can customise these by incorporating Christmas bells, tissue paper or a gift seals to the handle. This way, it looks like you have gone to that extra trouble to make their forwarding gift look extra special, as opposed to just placing it in a bag.


If you are looking for inspiration, here are a few great companies that offer beautiful gift wrapping, especially for Christmas! Their range of wrapping, tissue paper, ribbon and cards are a must see! Explore: and


Happy Wrapping x


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