Set Your Business Up for Success in 2020

by Customer Care

Now that the New Year has begun, it’s the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your business. But where to start? And what should you do?


Barneys Salon Supplies has teamed up with Spa Wellness Consulting to offer YOU – our valued client – a Business Handbook that provides a complete checklist to set up a great business.


Whether you are already established or setting out on a new business journey, this handbook lays out an A to Z approach to help you develop all areas of your business.


Here below are some excerpts from the Spa & Salon Business Handbook. We hope that this inspires some thoughts around how you might make 2020 your best business year yet.

If you would like the full 20 page Handbook then click on this link and it’s yours for $25, instead of $75. Available to download till end of February 2020.

Every great business starts with a clear vision. Setting a mission statement for the entire team to embrace sets a powerful intention for your spa to thrive in the way you envision.

Creating a spa begins with a spa concept. This is the philosophy that will underpin every choice you make in product selection, interior design and treatment menu. It is the cohesive theme that runs through all that your spa represents.

Have you looked at your financial potential? With some clever maths and a few business tweaks business owners can achieve xyz…..

Who is your guest and how did they find you? Understanding the spa demographic allows you to plan a strategy and a spa menu that is relevant to your audience.

Have you defined your unique guest journey? It’s the tiny luxury touches that surprise and delight, so it’s important to create a guest journey sequence that all staff are thoroughly trained and scripted in.

Is your website working for your business? A website needs to be more than just an online business card. There are some critical steps to implement so that your site works to your advantage.

Does your Spa have a full complement of collaterals and documents? First impressions count! There are a lot of collaterals that you can create to promote your spa services and products. It is important to use the right language, colours and images that convey the desired feeling and buy in.

Job Descriptions are an important part of outlining the responsibilities that go with each role. These are available on our online store here.

Is your Spa Menu brochure selling you? Your spa menu is your key sales and marketing tool. Without a well written and designed treatment menu your spa may lose potential business.

Choosing the right product partner is important on many levels, and there are a number of questions to ask of your partner to ensure you negotiate the best agreement. Having the right support will also ensure that your team are well trained and your business can profit from great retail sales.

Have you maximised your retail sales opportunities? It’s a good idea to add a selection of lifestyle products to expand upon the retail offering. Many items can also be woven into the Spa experience so that guests see, feel or smell these products in some way.

There is nothing nicer than receiving a surprise gift you never expected. Are you gifting your guests?

Sales and marketing is often a challenge for spas and salons, but it does not need to be. There are endless ways to market a spa. The paths you choose just depend on what aligns with your brand.

The Spa & Salon Business Handbook covers all of these topics and provides lists and resources to guide you in the right direction. The book also covers other topics including; spa procedures, HR strategies, cost saving tips, organisational systems, spa industry websites and statistical reporting.

Guest blog written by Sonja Sorich.

Sonja is the Director at Spa Wellness Consulting, and has a vast knowledge of the luxury spa and wellness market.

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