Need a few salon promo ideas for Valentine’s Day?

by Donna Kerkvliet

Valentine’s Day is one event that can be hit or miss … the key is to make your V-Day promotions visible and eye-catching.

By spending a little thought, time and effort, Valentine’s Day can also be a winner for you.  In a world where we are faced with ongoing gloom and suffering, think of V-Day as a good focus on something special like helping others spread the word of love and appreciation!

There may be clients who have not bought a Valentine’s Day present in years. If they see something appealing and ready to go, they are more likely to add this when they are checking out!  See some of our easy tips to help make your V-Day promotions a success:

V-Day Promo Tip #1

Encourage clients to think about Valentine’s Day early.

Instead of plain water, offer your clients water with strawberries or pink lemonade with a heart-shaped biscuit or chocolate to get the dialogue started about Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

Love heart lollies at reception is also a fun way to start the conversation going.

V-Day Promo Tip #2

Hanging decorations and items are a nice and easy way to create a nice V-Day theme. Think a wooden tree arrangement or something similar. This is an easy and effective way to display gift vouchers or small gifts. You can even use empty baubles and hang them to display messages like “Valentine’s Day Gift Vouchers available” or “Happy Valentine’s day”. The great thing is that they can be re-used for other occasions like Mother’s Day or Christmas, or any other promotions.

A great idea is to include some flower petals, heart chocolates or rose buds with the gift vouchers to create even more of a wow factor. Have a look at what we are doing here at Barneys with our baubles. If you like these ideas, you can even purchase these.

Barneys have sign holders in 3 sizes, baubles, petals and even a template to print and add to empty baubles.

Just click here to explore.

V-Day Promo Tip #3

Another idea is to run a promotion whereby whomever buys a gift voucher can pick an envelope or bauble that has a gift for them.  Add gifts like a complimentary LED treatment, bonus collagen gloves with your next facial or gold collagen eye treatment with your next lash tint (services that don’t cost much or don’t require any extra time or both)!

We have prepared a Valentine’s Day Starter Pack for a limited time or while stocks last that could create some visual impact and may help impulse purchases. Shop the Valentine’s Day Starter Pack here.

Promote on social media, text and EDM’s counting down the number of baubles you have left on the tree and what treatments are still available.

Hope you have some fun with this special day and hope you receive lots of love from the people who are special to you not only on Valentine’s Day but every day. X


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