Beauty Appointments COVID-19 Style

by Customer Care

Remember the first time you unlocked the front door of your salon or clinic and turned on the light?

The anticipation, excitement and happiness of owing your own business and how much you wanted it? With salons either going back to work last week or gearing up in the coming weeks, it may be a good time to reflect on that time and remember that feeling.  This time you have procedures in place, a team at your side and a client-base, this time it will be EVEN BETTER!

Some things may need to change, but salon owners are resilient, you’ll take it in your stride and adapt just like your clients have over recent weeks.  Keeping yourself, your team and your clients safe and well is paramount, and there are many resources out there to help you.  We’ve put together some suggested downloadable forms which may help you prepare for reopening.

Telephone bookings will take a little more time as there are certain questions that should be asked prior to taking a booking – See our telephone pre-booking questions

Some State Governments may require you to email a pre-appointment consultation form a day prior to your client’s appointment which you will need to file. – See our COVID-19 pre–appointment consultation form 

Walk-in appointments should be discouraged as you won’t have time to send them an email or ask them pre-appointment questions prior to them entering the salon.  A simple sign on the door such as this one might help.

Download the Stop NO WALK-IN’S  sign here.

Communicate with your clients via social media and email them to let them know of the changes you have put in place. This will help put them at ease knowing that your salon is taking necessary safety precautions for their safety, plus, this will cause less disruption when they arrive for their appointment.

Download the New Client Appointment Policy here

You can purchase floor and window decals, posters, and POS advising on social distancing and other signage from local printers. Try Minuteman Press, you can view their website here.

Having these items on display in salon will remind your clients and team to practice social distancing and good hygiene practice.

Keeping your team safe and letting them know you are looking after their well-being is very important. Keeping supplies of masks, hand sanitisers and gloves on hand so they feel they have the tools they need do their job while still being protected is vital. A sign in the staff room or kitchen to remind them to practice safety measure and to stay at home if feeling unwell and get tested is also a great reminder.

Download the Staff Room Sign here

As we start our new normal, remember that feeling again of turning on the light of your salon for the first time and smile because you are awesome, and you’ve got this x


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