How are you educating your clients when it comes to hair removal?

by Customer Care

There are many options when it comes to hair removal, and many preferences, both personally for the client, and from a business point of view for the salon. As a therapist, you know the difference. Today we explore you as the educator, which adds greater value to you and the brand you work for.

And if there was a single perfect hair removal technique, then why so many options? The client in many cases, is usually unsure about the techniques on offer and the generic advertising information floating around about hair removal treatments, it is not actually that informative.

Client’s see your offers on laser treatments and prices, they see threading options and waxing specials in the window or on the menu. Yet for the average client, what’s the difference? Even more importantly, what are you doing in your salon to educate them?

We must be sure as therapists, not to push a treatment or service on to the customer based on the ease-of-use for us, nor solely on the profit to be made. We must position ourselves as trusted therapists who have the client’s needs in mind.

We know too many clients whom have swapped from therapist to therapist to find a treatment and service that extends beyond the wax treatment itself. Sometimes it’s as simple as:

  • Are you offering ideas or tips, examples of cost comparisons without being prompted by the client?
  • Have you created a comparison or informative booklet about the different types of hair removal treatments on offer in your salon, how much and who they are best suited for? It’s great to ‘bundle’ our packages, yet is the client pondering if that is enough treatments, and what the regime is in between.
  • What about an informative poster in the treatment room for the client to focus on during treatment and prompt the discussion? This may result in on-going bookings or new service bookings.

Be sure to educate your client, as there is greater value in retaining a committed client and creating a solid relationship than just performing a service. In our industry there is much competition, yet also plenty of customers to share around. It is about finding the connection between you as the therapist and your new client. What are the benefits of this you ask?

  • Commitment to you as the therapist. This increases your value to the contribution of the salon as well as your career reputation.
  • Your new-found client relationship opens the doors to upselling opportunities, expanding their treatment regime and take-home regime. This instills trust and therefore, your add-on’s!
  • Free advertising as your service gets around via word-of-mouth. And anyone can tell you, with all the noise amongst advertising and promotions in today’s world, word-of-mouth is the most valuable.

As a therapist, clients look up to you, especially new clients. So, don’t waste your opportunities with new clients and think beyond the square. Your boss would be more than happy to hear new ideas or guide you, as this helps them in the long run.

We would love to hear how you assist your clientele! Feel free to leave a comment 😊


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