The rise in male grooming – is it on your salon menu?

by Customer Care

Our industry commonly addresses the female client, yet what about our men? We are now seeing funky barber shops pop up all over the place, and amazing treatment salons with bars included.

There is significant investment going in to beauty for men. Statista (a leading provider of market and consumer data) pegs the estimated size of the global male grooming market to be worth about US$ 29.14 billion by 2024 revealing the potential the industry holds as well as the rising global demand.

So what is driving this growth?

Self-Awareness and Self-Love

Over time, male waxing in particular has become increasingly popular. There are many reasons to why and such include the feeling of smooth skin, sport or athletics reasons, or possibly partner influence.

We know as females, it’s about convenience, a great feeling and indeed self-confidence. And this applies to our male friends. More and more, men are leaning toward products to revive their appearance and feel more refreshed and are becoming increasingly aware of the uses of facial cleansers, serums, face masks and of course, waxing!

Social Influences

Technology has certainly played a contributing influence and driving force for self-grooming, body image and male hygiene trends. Male waxing plays a large role in our industry and is no longer a secret among men.

Now, it’s part of the conversation and certainly shared on the social media scene!

What’s on Trend

This goes for what’s on trend. Take brows for example. It’s a huge topic on the beauty scene. Bushy or trimmed? And how about that mono-brow? Men are paying more attention to their face and presentation, with eyebrows taking the lead alongside beard grooming.

Nose hair? No thanks! A look unlikely to become vogue anytime soon. Tidy-up services are a hot go-to on any salon menu!

There is much to offer your male clients, much to discuss and certainly a lot of up-sell on the pampering side of things! Don’t forget to mention such services to your female clients to share with their husbands.

The real question is: ‘Are you confident in performing your male waxing or grooming services?’

While beards are big at the moment, they still need to be groomed regularly to keep them looking good, beard sculpting is something that is easily added to a salon menu of services.  Barneys are holding a LYCON Male Facial Grooming Master Class which covers beards and other facial waxing service.

The LYCON Male Grooming Master Class has been developed by LYDIA JORDANE herself – an internationally acclaimed beauty therapist, founder and CEO of LYCON Cosmetics.

This professional course is aimed at mastering the art of Male Facial Grooming services.

At the end of the course the participant will understand all concepts of male facing waxing to achieve the most suitable sculpted look for the male features.

The Master Class includes:

  • Product knowledge
  • Male brow trends
  • Male brow shaping and waxing
  • Nose and ear waxing
  • Beard sculpting
  • Male facial waxing
  • LYCON signature tips and tricks
  • Retail training and how to consult with confidence.

If you would like to join our upcoming hands-on Male Facial Grooming Class then call us on 1800 676 522 or head to  to learn more.


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